All About Katherine

Katherine Weaver was born in California to a Naval Chief and his lovely wife. They traveled some and moved around some as Military families often do. But they settled down on a small farm outside Dallas, Oregon, when Katherine was around 6 six years old. She and her older sister were blessed to grow up on this small farm with a myriad of animals and activities. It was a wonderful adventure and the memories and stories held in her childhood are a book for another time! When she was a teenager, her family relocated to Central Oregon, where she has spent most of her adult life. There was a period of about 10 years spent in Portland, Oregon, but the high desert is home.

She has always enjoyed writing, and when her life changed in a BIG way it became an avenue to stay connected to God. What started out as journal entries, grew into devotionals and essays. After about three years of writing, she wasn’t in a hurry, she submitted them to Tate Publishing. Immediate acceptance led to the book currently available for sale. Katherine wishes each reader peace in her personal signature and that is just one of the blessings you will find. A full AUDIO copy of the book is available for free with each purchase! Read by the author herself. Don’t miss the words coming to life in her smooth and calming voice.

Katherine is also an active speaker for Stonecroft Ministries,
if you would like her to come speak for your group or retreat, please contact her.

A recent speaking review:
“Katherine is a talented speaker/presenter and I have booked her for Stonecroft Ministries conferences and outreach meetings. We call her our ‘storyteller’ for that is what she is. I have trained and groomed hundreds of women for speaking and telling their own story. I can say, that Katherine is one of the most gifted women I have worked with.”
Pat Abernathy
Stonecroft Regional Administrator

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