Open notebook ready for devotional writingI have had an amazing week. I’m not sure what possessed me to do it, but I agreed to house two 16 year old exchange students from Japan! It sounded like a good idea at the time, but by the day they arrived I was terrified!

Everything turned out wonderful though and we have become close friends who will miss each other terribly. They leave tomorrow and we are all tearful tonight…

Have you everĀ been in a position to show someone your culture? To show someone, who knows very little or nothing at all, what it is that makes you an American? I have had the rare opportunity to be an ambassador for our beautiful and proud heritage.

When we become Christians, we become ambassadors for Christ. It is now our privilege to show people what it is to be a child of God. We are now able to open our hearts, and sometimes our homes, to those who want to see who He is through our lives. A “rubber meets the road” introduction to what it’s really about. Not religion, not empty ceremony. Real relationship with a real Savior.

As they pack their things tonight in preparation for departure tomorrow, they leave with a small understanding of being an American. They are infatuated with the love of the people they met, and intrigued by the customs they encountered. The girls want to stay longer and they will take a small part of me back with them to Japan.

So, take a chance. Next time you get the opportunity to show grace for no reason, do it. Next time you have an interaction with someone who doesn’t deserve your mercy, give it freely. Next time someone hurts you, and isn’t sorry, forgive them anyway.

I hope that, as Christ’s ambassadors, we endeavor to show His love and peace. So that when they encounter us, they can’t help but want to stay a little longer and know more.

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